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On Saturday we went to a western bar/restaurant, called "One for the road" (Dongcheng). Since we're really close to Halloween, they threw a Halloween party with free face painting, free shots and costumes. We ate good western food and met a lot of westerners. I'm normally not a fan of "western" places (or "Norwegian" places) when I'm travelling. I suffer from this "it should not be like home"-philosophy. But once in a while it's ok.

Some took it a little bit more serious than others. .

On Sunday we went to Keyuan garden. One of the Four Great Gardens in Guangdong province. It was nice and a very typical south China architecture. We also went to a typical Chinese shopping street, and I loved it! I have to mention that Dongguan (my city) is famous for shoes. There are over 2000 shoe factories in town and probably most of the shoes at home, that you pay a fortune to buy, come from my city. I'm definitely going back there. And to the shoe mall in Houjie, yes that's right, a big mall with shoes only! (Very cheap of course).

According to the Chinese calender, Clem and I are born in the Year of the Rooster.

Sweetest couple!

Always. .

It was also a museum in the Garden. SO EXITING!

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This weekend Eli, Hanna and I went to a beautiful beach in Shenzhen, southeast of Dongguan. It took us a long time to get there, but it was so worth it. Hanna turned 20 on Saturday, so we had a little celebration as well. We slept in a tent on the beach, like all the other people there, and we woke up to the most amazing sunrise. It was surprisingly cold in the night and hot enough in the day to give me a major sunburn. This beach is placed quite far out from the city, so there is no civilization around, just beautiful nature. We watched firework in the evening, drank rice wine, did skinny dipping and listened to horrible karaoke (It's China).


Best friends 4 ever.

It's not normal to wear a bikini in China. Women swim either in a bikini-dress-ish-kind of or their whole outfit. Most Chinese people can't swim either, so you see most adults in swim rings. Hehehehe!

Living the good life.





And the beautiful sunrise:

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Autumn trip

Yesterday afternoon, we (the foreign teachers + Julie) went to Sunshine Central Primary School to meet up with other English teachers in this district (Nancheng). We had a "meeting" with snacks, group work and socializing. Much more fun than expected. But as usual, we were the only foreigners there.
Presenting group work. For instance we shared ideas and methods on how to manage a huge class etc.

Today we went on the yearly autumn trip, which this time was to a huge amusement park about an hour away from school. I think it was really nice that the kids got a little break from the busy life at school. We were 16(!) big buses full of exited kids (1st - 5th grade; Over 1000 students). I can admit that 5-6 hours in the park, with kids running around, is quite tiring.

Line up at the playground, ready to leave.

Cool Timmy always taking pictures.

And we're finally there, after a dose of vomiting and a crazy Chinese movie on the bus.

Cute Coco in the "Flying Ship".

Exited kids!

The way Chinese treat animals is unfortunately not very good. (Not talking about the children in this case)


Lovely Crystal.

Dearest George.

Cuties from class 3 grade 2. Haha, it's amazing how all the kids bought so much crap in the park.

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English Speech Competition

For two days now, we've had an English speech competition at school. Every contestant came up on stage one by one to give a brief introduction of themselves, for so to give a short speech. Brave, young students! They chose one of two possible pre-written speeches. I was one of the judges and got very tired of hearing the same speeches 127 times!! Either "sports" or "hobbies". One thing that is for sure, is that we have a lot of good students at this school!



No school uniforms today.


Score sheet

Classmates watching

HAHAH! Classic!

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China Transport

Haha! Chinese are very practical. It's amazing how they transport so many things on such small vehicles. You see it everywhere..


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Activity day

Today the whole 1st grade had activity day with their parents. They were all really engaged , with a lot of competitions and toys for the winners.




My class <3

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I love Chinglish

It's too bad that this sign is placed all over my neighbor district. Haha!

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Golden Week

I'm back in Dongguan, tired and ill, after a fantastic holiday! On Sunday I went to Eli's place, Houjie, to stay for the night. It was the mooncake festival and we went up on the rooftop to look at the full moon. A random family was celebrating there, and suddenly we were invited to join their traditional celebration. Nice experience. Barbecue, mooncakes, black tea, friends, family and flying sky lanterns.



We wrote our wishes on it <3

On Monday Eli and I went by plain to Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. A totally different side of China. We met a lot of the other interns there, and it was so nice to see them all! A lot of things happened on the trip, both positive and negative experiences (mostly positive, hehe). I have so many pictures from the trip, so here's a selection:


Ida and me. Five Pagoda Temple in Hohhot City.

Love panda hats!

Huge arabic palace.

We travelled to Xilamuren Grassland, near the city Baotou, to go horseback riding and to get some insight in the Mongolian culture:
And suddenly, at the harmonic gressland, we saw three men peeing in a row. Haha.

Reunion with my girl. Ugliest background ever! We had to put on a stone, walk around three times (clockwise) and make a wish.


On Thursday, we went to the desert to go camel riding and other activities. Unfortunately it was freaking cold and rainy that day. How ironic. It can be up to minus 50 degrees in the winter. Poor people!

Sand socks!

Hanna and Michael <3


We also visited a Buddhist temple. Very similar to the temples in Beijing.

A monk wanted to take a photo with Ingvild and me with OUR camera. Haha. Where's the logic? It was a really awkward moment when we (a big group of foreigners) spotted the monks. For quite a long time, we just stared back at each other. Haha! Finding each other so strange and different.

And we went to a museum to see the biggest dinosaur fossil in Asia. I'm not a fan of museums, but this was interesting. 26 meters long..

I liked Hohhot. Except that it was quite "dirty" and noisy there (I saw many strange things), it was a cool city. Very modern in the center and a cheap shopping eldorado. Spent a little bit too much money there, and I could barely carry my own luggage on the way back.

The journey back was nothing less than 270 Scandinavian miles. By train! (Via. Beijing). I got ill as well because of the freaking cold in Inner Mongolia. (Good to be back in 32 degrees now). All in all it took us 38 hours to get back (two different trains). We also got a whole day in my third home, Beijing, where I captured the picture of the year:

A random guy asked for a picture with Ingvild, and she had to pull his ear. Wtf?! HAHAH!
Here we're back in San Li Tun <3 Strange feeling.

Hard sleepers on the train.

It was quite tiring being on the train, but we played games for hours (seven people travelling together), ate oreos and I had a comfy bunny suit, so it was ok.

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My life as Helena

I like to sleep in shoes..

I like to poop and sleep in my water bowl..

I like play in the shoe park, so I almost tip over on my back and get stuck between the wall and a shoe..

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Mooncake festival, National Day and Golden Week

September 30th is the Mooncake Festival (Mid-Autumn Festival, one of the most important festivals here). It's full moon this day and families get together and give each other, surprisingly not, mooncakes! It's like a reunion holiday for Chinese families. They're selling about 250 000 tons of mooncakes every year. Haha! They're selling mooncakes EVERYWHERE these days. And they don't even taste good. Usually they have a read bean filling or lotus seed paste filling. Sometimes you're like: "Mm, this is good, not to bad to be a mooncake" and then you get into the center of the cake, and suddenly you're chewing on meat or an egg yolk. Delicious!

Mooncakes! (At the post office)

Clem and I had a little "mooncake test" a few days ago. One out of five tasted ok. Hehe. We couldn't even finish the remaining four. But they look delicious, don't they?

We also play this little game with one of the lovely guards on the way to school. He gave us mooncakes, randomly. Then we bought him a mooncake. The next day we got new mooncakes, and again we bought him some. And on it goes. This is how it works; you give and receive mooncakes!

1st of October is the National Day of China. This is a public "holiday", but it's not really a holiday because you have to work to make up the time anyways. We have to work on Saturday because of that. And then we have the Golden Week, seven continuous days of holiday, starting on Monday. Can't wait! I'm going to Inner Mongolia!

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Lots of fun!!!
Marc and Helene came to visit, so nice to see them!
Milo and two Chinese English teachers also came. And ofc. Jay and Laura. I've forgot to tell that after Lauren left, Laura came to take her place. She's from Germany and we met her in Beijing.

Clem and I threw a little house-party before we left for Beijing bar, Dongcheng.


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Sleeping Chinese


These are my captures of Chinese people sleeping. They're seriously sleeping EVERYWHERE!

After a little research I found out that I'm not the only one that think this is fun.
Visit this blog ( to learn more and to see more pictures! (You can also buy a book, if you're interested). HAHAH!

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China fashion


I've had some fun lately, with collecting pictures.
But it seems like Chinese men are following the crop top trend..

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I'm Busy

This is my weekly time table (I'm teaching 17/18 periods a week):

These are the text books I'm dealing with. We're mainly working with movies (small parts of them), and do different activities around them. For example talking about the characters, introducing new vocabulary etc. I also try to include songs, because I think it's effective and because they really like songs. Sometimes I get really engaged and include movements, and suddenly it looks more like a dance class (but they have to sing as well, ofc). One day we played "Waka Waka" in the end of the class and the kids turned wild. And as soon as the song ended they were all: "One more time, ONE MORE TIME, ONE MOOOORE TIIIIME". Haha!

I've started to know the classes a little bit now, and most students are really lovely. They're yelling "IngviLLi" with the strangest accent ever, when they see me. (My name is REALLY hard to pronounce here). They give me hugs, want to play with me etc. That makes me feel good! A few days ago, Crystal said something really funny. She pointed at my skin and said: "You are white, and I am..", then I said "brown?", and she said "NO! I'm yellow". HAHAHAH!!

I'm also going to have two VIP-classes twice a week. 10 fifth grade students. It's gonna be good to deal with some older students as well. We are going to work with classic stories, like "Hansel and Gretel" and "The boy who cried wolf". I think it's gonna to be fun. The parents pay the school quite a lot of money so their kids can join VIP-classes.

Every Thursday we foreign teachers test the Chinese teachers' oral English. Before lunch, we stand in front of the canteen and they come up to us and say 10 short English sentences. And we have to grade them! It's a little bit weird concept. The grades have consequences for the teachers, something I feel like a huge responsibility. I will not comment this further. But I wonder what thoughts the teachers themselves have about this. Here are the (random) sentences for week 1 and 2:

The last period on Fridays we have "English corner". We foreign teachers take one moth each, so my moth hasn't started yet. And it actually seems like we're finished teaching kindergarten very soon. I think I'm gonna miss them a little bit, because they are so cute and innocent. And this week we're doing fruits. How cute's that?

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