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Another weekend in Sanxiang

This weekend I went to Sanxiang again. Hanna and I were supposed to spend Saturday in Zhongshan before visiting the other interns in Sanxiang, but that was more difficult than we thought. We ended up on different bus stations, and had no idea where we were. We tried to ask people, but nobody understood us of course. That's the worst thing about travelling in China, you're so helpless. After a while I managed to tell the taxi driver to go to the "main" station (we assumed that Hanna arrived there), and he took a U-turn, drove 200 meters and there I was. HAHA. OMG. Then we wanted to go to the city center, so we wandered around a bit. We had no idea how to get there, or we had a bus number, but we didn't know which direction and where to get off. Getting a map at the station was no point, because it was all in Chinese. Soo, we just gave up and left for Sanxiang. Glad it was "on the way" to Sanxiang.

On Saturday evening it was time for Christmas Party! It was so much fun and nice to see some of the "Beijing people" again. As last time (the Halloween party) the decorations were so good. The whole apartment was decorated in detail, mostly self-made stuff. Wish I was so creative.




Do you want a taste of Santa's juice?

Waiting for all the Chinese people to arrive. Icicles and snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. Later, we had a huge "snowball" fight (such a good idea and a big hit) and a visit from Santa Claus who brought us more vodka. Yeey.

After too many shots and Christmas songs we woke up on Sunday morning and left for Quanyan Hot Springs. It was the perfect thing to do on a day like that. Foam hot spring, orange (the fruit) hot spring, celery hot spring, massage hot spring, taking a nap on a hot stone, head/back massage (best EVER), salt sauna (got baby skin afterwards) and fish bath (so gross and disgusting, the fish ate your dead skin. Couldn't handle more that 5 seconds). All the hot springs had a temperature of 40 °C - 43 °C. The summer is BTW back in Guangdong. We had 28 °C and sun the whole weekend. Woop! Wonder how long it will last. . Probably not a very long time.

(Pictures from

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Gangnam style

VIP class (ten 5th graders) going crazy in the end of the lesson. . They got to choose a song as a reward for good behavior.

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Visit from Norway

10 fantastic days with my boyfriend!!

Here we're at a Korean BBQ. (Where he struggled a tiny little bit with the chopsticks. HEHEHE)

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I love Chinglish #4

No Burning!


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Weekend in Yangshuo

I'm a big fan of the proverb; "A picture paints a thousand words", so here you go:

Haha! Chinese sleeping bus. I can admit that they're not very comfy (narrow and short beds), but I got some hours of sleep after all.

Jay and Laura! Bamboo rafting on the Li River.

This scenic spot is the inspiration of the 20 RMB note!

Yangshuo by night! A lot of karst mountains surround the little city, which makes the atmosphere very special. Our hostel had the highest view-point in town, yeey.

I also went on a light show Saturday night. It was really nice and special with the mountains in the back. The director is also the director of the opening & closing ceremonies of the Olympic games in Beijing.

On Sunday we went up to the "Moon hill". 800 steps.


We also went into the "Water cave", where we we had our own guide. She was so funny (not on purpose, I think), but we laughed our heads off sometimes. "This looks like breasts, some are small and some are big", "This looks like chicken wings, are you hungry?". We had to cross a little suspension bridge and a group of Chinese people was in front of us, jumping up and down and acting like crazy: She said: "Just wait a moment, Chinese people are happy". HAHA. And of course with a funny Chinese accent.

We took a mud bath inside the cave (which is supposed to be really good for our skin. Hehe), followed up by a hot spring bath.

All in all, this has been an awesome weekend, with a lot of funny scenarios (something you always get for free when travelling in China, which I appreciate a lot)!

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I love Chinglish #3

I think you got the rong impression. . Haha.


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Daddy goes Chinese

This weekend I got a nice visit from my dad, who was on a business trip here in China. He brought me Norwegian food and other stuff. (Thank you mom and dad!!)

To mention something, he was quite amazed by the hairdresser prices, the digital gadgets prices and "sleeping Chinese". Hehe.

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Weekend in Shenzhen

Last weekend Hanna, Preben, Emmanuelle and I went to Shenzhen. A really nice weekend. Shenzhen is a modern city, and you don't associate it with the traditional China. A lot of foreigners live there and most signs are written in English. On Saturday we went to Happy Valley, an amusement park. We more or less stood in lines the whole day, but it was fun when we actually got a ride. Being in a roller coaster is pure happiness. Then we went to a Japanese Teppanyaki. I had the best food experience of my life! Never tasted better food. We had our own cook and we ordered whatever we wanted and he made it for us. All you can drink and eat for 180 NOK. Exclusive and expensive here in China. We got sushi, beef, lamb, chicken, oysters, pawns, fried rice, salad, fruits, ice cream, beer, wine, milkshake, fresh juice etc, etc. After that, we went out in bar street.

Is it raining?
No, it is China.

Mom, all I want for Christmas is this cook.. Here he's making the best beef ever!


Hanna (Germany), Me, Emmanuelle (France) and Preben (Norway).

Pebs and Em, "oh ye"!

We went up in one of the tallest buildings to look at the view. Amazing! We could also see a little bit of Hong Kong.


Em thought it was kind of a long way down. .

Hangover Preben.

At the station in Shenzhen you see this sign. So it is actually on the border to Hong Kong. Unfortunately I can't go in there, because I only have a single entry visa to the People's Republic of China. (Hong Kong is a "special administrative region" of the People's Republic of China). Or I could, but then I have to get a new visa and bla bla, lots of unnecessary stress. It's too bad, because Hong Kong is only 1,5 hours away form my place and I really want to see the city.
Hanna and I made this "we went in to Hong Kong by a mistake, and cannot come back"-joke (well planned and in detail), and the others totally believed us, and got really worried. Haha. That's one sort of thing that you only find funny when you live in China. My humor is definitely on a higher level here (or lower, it depends on how you see it).

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I love Chinglish #2


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Ingvilli on new adventures. .

. . alone.


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Classroom cleaning

Don't waste any time; do homework in the hallway!


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Yesterday 1st and 2nd grade had a talent competition. They performed whole classes together and it was seriously one of the cutest things I've ever seen. I think I smiled (and laughed) for one hour without pausing.

They all got makeup on, both boys and girls! Heheheh.


A proud George, who also was the master of ceremonies. Love his little mini suit.

Even though there was a competition coming up in the afternoon, they had to be serious about school. No exception. Here they're doing eye exercise again, something I'm quite fascinated by.

My 1st grade on stage!

And a little video:

This is BTW how my working space looks like:

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This weekend I went to Sanxiangzhen, quite close to the city Zhongshang. I met up with Ida, Emilie, Preben, Felipe etc. etc. Really nice! On Saturday night it was time for a big Halloween party, with a lot of people. The hosts made a huge effort to make it perfect, and they succeeded for sure!







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Part time job

Last week I got a part time job! I'm doing 2 private lessons a week with 4 year old Zoe. Chinese parents are seriously crazy. She's in kindergarten and the parents want her to be "well prepared" for 1st grade, primary school. No pressure!

Zoe's mother picks me up (in her super fancy car) after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She can't speak English and I can't speak Chinese, so we're driving more or less in total silence. I sometimes try some basic Chinese phrases, which turns out to be quite awkward since I cannot understand her reply. We also use iPhone translator for simple conversation. Haha. When we arrive at their private home, I'm eating dinner/fruits and drinking milk with the family, and then I teach Zoe for 60 minutes. She's really cute. The time I spend with the family before the lesson starts, is by the way very good for practising Chinese!

It's good to get some extra money, and I still get the weekends off. At first, they wanted me to teach in the weekends, but then I have better things to do. I'm saving the money for travelling around China in the end of my stay.

Working with animals, colors and basic conversation.

We made origami pumpkins for Halloween.

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Typical classroom issues

Working as an English teacher in a country where you cannot speak their language, can cause some trouble now and then. Sometimes it's funny, but sometimes it's just annoying.

1. Drilling the pronunciation of new words:

Laoshi (teacher) Ingvild: Chimney

Class: Chimney

Laoshi Ingvild: Smoke

Class: Smoke

Laoshi Ingvild: Fire

Class: Fire

Laoshi Ingvild: And now the last word. .

Class: And now the last word. .


2. And typically:

Laoshi Ingvild: Thank you.

Student: Sank you.

Laoshi Ingvild: THANK YOU!

Student: SANK YOU!

Laoshi Ingvild: No, no, say THANK YOU!!

Student: No, no, say SANK YOU!!

3. More pronunciation issues; Different versions of my name:

1. Ingvilli
2. Libeli
3. Inglish
4. Invil

4. In frustration, a student comes up to me to tell me something or ask me something:

Stundet: 造成很多麻和其他人也可以为

Laoshi Ingvild: Can you speak English, please?

Stundet: 造成很多麻和其他人也可以为

Laoshi Ingvild: I'm sorry Sweety, but I cannot understand what you're saying. .

Student: 造成很多麻和其他人也可以为 !!!


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