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Back in Beijing!

I'm ending my China adventure where I started it; in fascinating Beijing! It's so strange to be back! It's just as I remember it, just some degrees colder and some more pollution in the air. The first night (20th) we went to Wangfujing food street and I ate scorpions!


Today we went to see Mao's dead body. It was so serious, not talking (when Hanna whispered something to me, a guard said: SHHHH!!!, with the most serious look on his face) and there were guards everywhere. One thing I know for sure is that you don't mess with Chinese police and security gurads. You could not stop when you saw Mao, just walk past for about 5 seconds. HAHA! The worst thing was that I started to laugh, because he looked so tense and looked like a glowing lamp. I seriously thought that they put a orange lamp inside his head. Everybody knows the painful feeling when you have to laugh but, for anything in the world, you cannot! That was the dominating feeling inside me during the whole session. I need to stop see the humor in everything, because this seems to happen to me a lot.

Apart from that, we've done some serious shopping these past few days. I have to throw a lot of my old stuff away to get eveything home. Shopping in Beijing is great!

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