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New Year

In Shanghai!

Happy New Year, all my beloved family and friends! Going to Shanghai to celebrate the New Year was a good decision. We met up with a lot of the other interns and had awesome days! We were a big group, and so happy to see each other! Even though it was cold up there, the weather was perfect. Bright, blue sky and sun every day. We did a lot of stuff, including open bar (in a club) for 100 NOK on Sunday. NOT a good idea. For me, the result was being totally sober on New Years Eve. . Well, I had a great time anyways. Awesome firework and a really special experience. Shanghai is a cool city!

The Bund!

Old Town.

Yu Garden. Mike, Hanna, Ingvild, Ragna and Evelina.

We went up to the top of Shanghai World Financial Center. It's the building that looks like a bottle opener (see picture below). It's 492 meters high and is the fourth tallest building in the world. It has an amazing view.

We ate on a Japanese restaurant on New Years Eve. So good food!!

Fireworks at the Bund. Everyone should experience the craziness there around midnight. Chinese don't really celebrate New Year as we do, they have Chinese New Year in February, but since Shanghai is so modern, they had stuff going on!

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