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The end

So, I don't know where to begin.. My China adventure has come to an end, and I'm sitting here with so many different feelings. On one side I'm looking forward to come home, but on the other side I'm leaving so much behind, which is sad. These six months have been, if I have to choose one word, then I'm probably best off with; CRAZY! It has been hard, difficult, challenging, exiting, funny, overwhelming, annoying, confusing, ecstatic, shocking etc. etc. I've learned so much about myself, China, cultural differences, children, and I've grown. I would never trade this experience with anything in the world, and I'm so grateful. I've seen so much hilarious, disgusting, strange, cool and fantastic things. I'm proud of myself for completing this semester, it's not for everyone. I've gotten friends from all over the world and I've taught wonderful kids who gave me so much love. China has given me new perspectives on a lot of things and I think it's very cool that I've witnessed how fast this country is developing. China is going to kick everyone's ass in a few years.

A lot of things that are completely normal here, is absolutely not appropriate at home. When I come home I have to turn on my "Norway-mode" to avoid a punch in my face. For example, there's nothing called lines here; if you want to get on the bus/metro, you have to run, push, squeeze and don't think of anyone but yourself (nobody gets annoyed/angry). Also going back to Norwegian prices is going to make me so angry. "Made in China"-stuff (which are more or less everything!) are ridiculously expensive in Norway. I'll miss getting gel nails for 120,-, a haircut for 15,- and buying clothes/shoes for nothing.

One thing I really miss is being "normal" and anonymous. People take pictures, talk about you and look at you all the time. I'm tired of being stared at EVERYWHERE. At first it was kinda cool, then I didn't care, and now it's mostly annoying. If I have a bad day, and just want to be nobody and unseen, NO, that'll never happen. Another thing is communication, I miss being able to communicate with everyone. And OF COURSE I miss a lot of Norwegian food! (Even though I know I'm gonna miss real Chinese food after a while).

But I know for sure that China will always be in my heart, it is after all my second home. I'm definitely coming back to travel more. There are so many beautiful places with hidden treasures all over China. Maybe I will come back for other reasons as well one day, who knows? There are great business to make in China.

- Ingvild.

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So proud of you!

fra Jacqueline

Et flott reisebrev Ingvild :) Har vært fint å følge med på hvordan du har hatt det i Kina!

fra Martin

Tusen takk til dere begge! :)

Koselig at du har fulgt med, Martin:) Ses på NM!

fra ingmid

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