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Another weekend in Sanxiang

This weekend I went to Sanxiang again. Hanna and I were supposed to spend Saturday in Zhongshan before visiting the other interns in Sanxiang, but that was more difficult than we thought. We ended up on different bus stations, and had no idea where we were. We tried to ask people, but nobody understood us of course. That's the worst thing about travelling in China, you're so helpless. After a while I managed to tell the taxi driver to go to the "main" station (we assumed that Hanna arrived there), and he took a U-turn, drove 200 meters and there I was. HAHA. OMG. Then we wanted to go to the city center, so we wandered around a bit. We had no idea how to get there, or we had a bus number, but we didn't know which direction and where to get off. Getting a map at the station was no point, because it was all in Chinese. Soo, we just gave up and left for Sanxiang. Glad it was "on the way" to Sanxiang.

On Saturday evening it was time for Christmas Party! It was so much fun and nice to see some of the "Beijing people" again. As last time (the Halloween party) the decorations were so good. The whole apartment was decorated in detail, mostly self-made stuff. Wish I was so creative.




Do you want a taste of Santa's juice?

Waiting for all the Chinese people to arrive. Icicles and snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. Later, we had a huge "snowball" fight (such a good idea and a big hit) and a visit from Santa Claus who brought us more vodka. Yeey.

After too many shots and Christmas songs we woke up on Sunday morning and left for Quanyan Hot Springs. It was the perfect thing to do on a day like that. Foam hot spring, orange (the fruit) hot spring, celery hot spring, massage hot spring, taking a nap on a hot stone, head/back massage (best EVER), salt sauna (got baby skin afterwards) and fish bath (so gross and disgusting, the fish ate your dead skin. Couldn't handle more that 5 seconds). All the hot springs had a temperature of 40 °C - 43 °C. The summer is BTW back in Guangdong. We had 28 °C and sun the whole weekend. Woop! Wonder how long it will last. . Probably not a very long time.

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