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Weekend in Shenzhen

Last weekend Hanna, Preben, Emmanuelle and I went to Shenzhen. A really nice weekend. Shenzhen is a modern city, and you don't associate it with the traditional China. A lot of foreigners live there and most signs are written in English. On Saturday we went to Happy Valley, an amusement park. We more or less stood in lines the whole day, but it was fun when we actually got a ride. Being in a roller coaster is pure happiness. Then we went to a Japanese Teppanyaki. I had the best food experience of my life! Never tasted better food. We had our own cook and we ordered whatever we wanted and he made it for us. All you can drink and eat for 180 NOK. Exclusive and expensive here in China. We got sushi, beef, lamb, chicken, oysters, pawns, fried rice, salad, fruits, ice cream, beer, wine, milkshake, fresh juice etc, etc. After that, we went out in bar street.

Is it raining?
No, it is China.

Mom, all I want for Christmas is this cook.. Here he's making the best beef ever!


Hanna (Germany), Me, Emmanuelle (France) and Preben (Norway).

Pebs and Em, "oh ye"!

We went up in one of the tallest buildings to look at the view. Amazing! We could also see a little bit of Hong Kong.


Em thought it was kind of a long way down. .

Hangover Preben.

At the station in Shenzhen you see this sign. So it is actually on the border to Hong Kong. Unfortunately I can't go in there, because I only have a single entry visa to the People's Republic of China. (Hong Kong is a "special administrative region" of the People's Republic of China). Or I could, but then I have to get a new visa and bla bla, lots of unnecessary stress. It's too bad, because Hong Kong is only 1,5 hours away form my place and I really want to see the city.
Hanna and I made this "we went in to Hong Kong by a mistake, and cannot come back"-joke (well planned and in detail), and the others totally believed us, and got really worried. Haha. That's one sort of thing that you only find funny when you live in China. My humor is definitely on a higher level here (or lower, it depends on how you see it).

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