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Typical classroom issues

Working as an English teacher in a country where you cannot speak their language, can cause some trouble now and then. Sometimes it's funny, but sometimes it's just annoying.

1. Drilling the pronunciation of new words:

Laoshi (teacher) Ingvild: Chimney

Class: Chimney

Laoshi Ingvild: Smoke

Class: Smoke

Laoshi Ingvild: Fire

Class: Fire

Laoshi Ingvild: And now the last word. .

Class: And now the last word. .


2. And typically:

Laoshi Ingvild: Thank you.

Student: Sank you.

Laoshi Ingvild: THANK YOU!

Student: SANK YOU!

Laoshi Ingvild: No, no, say THANK YOU!!

Student: No, no, say SANK YOU!!

3. More pronunciation issues; Different versions of my name:

1. Ingvilli
2. Libeli
3. Inglish
4. Invil

4. In frustration, a student comes up to me to tell me something or ask me something:

Stundet: 造成很多麻和其他人也可以为

Laoshi Ingvild: Can you speak English, please?

Stundet: 造成很多麻和其他人也可以为

Laoshi Ingvild: I'm sorry Sweety, but I cannot understand what you're saying. .

Student: 造成很多麻和其他人也可以为 !!!


Skrevet av ingmid 17:56



Sweetie I can totally agree to everything!! :D Smile and never give up, we'll survive somehow;) Missing you so much!!

Oh and I've got another one: whenever I say 'repeat' what do the students day? No they don't repeat the vocab of course they say REPEAT :D

fra Norina Franke

Haha, yes, that's a good one!:D

Yeah, we'll all be fine somehow. Experience of my life:)

I miss you too! We HAVE TO meet up in January.

fra ingmid

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