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Part time job

Last week I got a part time job! I'm doing 2 private lessons a week with 4 year old Zoe. Chinese parents are seriously crazy. She's in kindergarten and the parents want her to be "well prepared" for 1st grade, primary school. No pressure!

Zoe's mother picks me up (in her super fancy car) after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She can't speak English and I can't speak Chinese, so we're driving more or less in total silence. I sometimes try some basic Chinese phrases, which turns out to be quite awkward since I cannot understand her reply. We also use iPhone translator for simple conversation. Haha. When we arrive at their private home, I'm eating dinner/fruits and drinking milk with the family, and then I teach Zoe for 60 minutes. She's really cute. The time I spend with the family before the lesson starts, is by the way very good for practising Chinese!

It's good to get some extra money, and I still get the weekends off. At first, they wanted me to teach in the weekends, but then I have better things to do. I'm saving the money for travelling around China in the end of my stay.

Working with animals, colors and basic conversation.

We made origami pumpkins for Halloween.

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